The most features rich Smart Wallet For Future Trading. Native on zkSync

Holdstation - A Smart Wallet For Future Trading, Onboarding Millions of Web2 Traders to Web3

In the world of cryptocurrency, there's a widespread agreement: we need a single solution to make everything simpler, encourage more people to embrace web3, enhance how we use blockchain, and get countless users involved in on-chain dApps. This is where native Account Abstraction (AA) or ERC-4337 comes in, and it's gaining traction across the crypto community.
At Holdstation, we're not another wallet or trading platform; our vision is simple - we want to transfer 30 millions traders & trillions dollars value in CFD Market from Web2 to Web3. By that, users can seamlessly integrate asset management and diverse trading experiences, within one non-custodial wallet.

Why using Holdstation?

Holdstation is all about simplifying blockchain technology. We want to make it easy for everyone. You don't need to be a tech guru to use our platform. What we offer is a user-friendly experience, where you can manage your assets, make smart investment choices, and enjoy the convenience you'd expect from your everyday banking.
🗝️ Easy Onboarding: Say farewell to seed phrase stress. Holdstation has introduced social login and seedless recovery to make it easy to get started.
💰 No ETH no problem: With Account Abstraction, you can make transactions using stablecoins or authorised tokens.
🆓 Fee-Free Trading and Simple Referrals: Trading without gas fees, just like your favourite centralized exchanges. And when it comes to referrals, anyone can join in, even if your wallet doesn't have a cent, you can still register for the referral programs.
🔒 Spending Limit: Customize your maximum transfer amount to ensure your assets stay safe.

A Native dApp & Wallet on zkSync Ecosystem

Holdstation Product Suite

Trade and earn like never before with Holdstation Wallet

  • 🚀 Enjoy a seamless UX with all-in-one features
  • 💰 Get ready with Holdstation DeFutures (margin trading), zkSync integration, and Account Abstraction
  • 💸 Maximize your income with our ultimate referral programs and earn up to 70% in USDC rebates on every trade you refer

Our Product

We're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the crypto space. Find our innovation below!

Product Guide

We provide more in-depth knowledge about our Product in learn.holdstation.com

Start earning with us!

Uncapped earning with full Web3 potential for the right affiliate agencies!
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