🏨Holdstation Foundation

Holdstation Foundation will operate as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where token holders will have the power to propose and vote on changes to the network. This includes proposing new features, changes to the network parameters, and allocation of resources for community development and ecosystem growth.

To incentivize community engagement and delegate participation, 10% allocation for the Delegates and support users, and 5% of the future token allocation will be reserved for affiliates agency who actively support the growth of Holdstation. Delegates and affiliate agency will be chosen by the community to help guide and grow the network, with a focus on ensuring long-term sustainability and success.

The community development and ecosystem growth will be a key priority for the DAO, and resources will be allocated towards supporting initiatives and projects that benefit the network as a whole. Token holders will be able to vote on proposals to allocate resources towards community development, ecosystem growth, and other initiatives that support the DAO's mission.

In summary, the Holdstation Foundation's DAO governance mechanics will prioritize community engagement and empowerment, incentivizing active participation from delegates and allocating resources towards community development and ecosystem growth.

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Holdstation Foundation requires active and dedicated Delegates who can contribute to the ecosystem's growth and development. We are committed to rewarding the right individuals with significant incentives for their efforts. Join us and help shape the future of crypto!

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