Spot Trading

Happy Spot Trading with Holdstation Wallet by follow these simple steps

📱 Step 1: Download Holdstation Wallet

First things first, download the latest version of Holdstation Wallet from Appstore or GooglePlay

💼 Step 2: Go to the App Holdstation Wallet

Open the app on your device and get ready to start trading

🔑 Step 3: Import or create your wallet

Import your wallet private key or create a new wallet right on Holdstation Wallet

🔒 Step 4: Create a pin with FaceID to keep your assets safe

Secure your wallet with a pin and FaceID 🔐

👤 Step 5: Give your wallet a name and change your profile picture (optional)

Personalize your wallet by giving it a name and changing your profile picture 🙎‍♂

💰 Step 6: Select the chains you want to use Choose from a variety of chains available such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more 💸

🔄 Step 7: Click the swap button in the bottom right corner and select the token pair you want to swap 🔄

⚙️ Step 8: Customize parameters such as gas fee and slippage

Set your preferred parameters, such as gas fee and slippage, and enter the amount of tokens you want to swap 💸

✅ Step 9: Customize the number of tokens you allow the transaction to use and accept to complete

That's it!
Follow these simple steps with Holdstation Wallet and start trading like a pro 🚀
Remember, always do your own research and trade with caution. Happy trading! 😊