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Sustainable Expansion

Holdstation's mission is clear: to create sustainable protocols, earning multiple revenue streams for the business and sharing these profits with our dedicated HOLD believers. Through a top-tier tokenomics model, we're actively reducing inflationary pressures on HOLD tokens, ensuring maximum benefits for our users.

USDC Vault Staking:

📅 Transition Date: Epoch 45 to 46, 26-30/11/2023
The USDC Vault Staking is gearing up for a transition from Early Adopter Program to Sustainable Expansion Epoch 46 onward.
By participating, users unlock the potential to earn escrowHOLD (esHOLD) bonuses, a direct result of staking USDC in Vault.
🔄 Yield Structure: Average 15% APY combine both assets
  • USDC - calculate when withdraw hsUSDC
  • esHOLD rewards in each epoch (will be share if USDC APY is lower than 15%)
Our aim is to achieve a sustainable 15% APY yield for USDC Vault Contributor. We believe this balanced approach ensures stability in yields amid current market conditions.
Notably, esHOLD is claimable, though immediate redemption incurs a 50% reward reduction. For those holding steadfast through 5 epochs, the full HOLD reward awaits
Holdstation is currently in the process of crafting the mechanism that explores the potential yields. Our aim is enhancing capital efficiency, ensuring optimal yields for our users, all while maintaining a mindful balance to avoid unnecessary token inflation.
If there is some changes, we will notify on our social platform

HOLD Staking:

At the heart of our ecosystem lies the incredible opportunity for HOLD stakers to reap substantial benefits. A generous 40% of the trading fees generated perpetually flows back to our dedicated stakers.
So, what does this mean for you? Well, you get to earn USDC directly, and here's the fun part – you can cash in those rewards in every epoch. It's like having your own treasure chest that keeps growing and growing!