🀝Fusion with zkSync Era

Holdstation embarked on a journey marked by innovation when Vitalik Buterin outlined the potential of Layer 2 scaling and account abstraction. This vision led us to zkSync, the pinnacle of zk-Roll Up technology.

zkSync, tier 4 of zk-Roll Up technology, offered high scalability and lightning-fast transaction speeds, setting the stage for a new era in blockchain development. The crucial element was the native support for Account Abstraction in zkSync's codebase, giving it an edge over other chains that relied on relayers to build similar functionality. With the remarkable growth of Hyperchain, achieving 600,000 TPS, trading execution may soon rival fast trading systems on blockchain.

  • Faster transactions: zkSync enables fast and low-cost transactions by batching multiple transactions into a single proof and submitting them to the Ethereum network.

  • Account abstraction: With zkSync, Holdstation Wallet can enable account abstraction which allows users to transact with any token on the Ethereum network, without having to hold the specific token in their wallet.

  • Increased scalability: By integrating with zkSync, Holdstation Wallet can scale to support more users and transactions without causing congestion on the Ethereum network.

  • Enhanced security: zkSync uses advanced cryptography to ensure transactions are private and secure, protecting user funds from potential attacks.

zkSync Era is the first EVM-compatible chain to implement native account abstraction. On this blockchain, AA fundamentally changes how accounts operate by introducing the concept of Smart Accounts and Paymasters.

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