Multisig Wallet

Multisig Treasury Wallets

Protocol Owned Liquidity Multisig Wallet: 0xF7f578b8B69dFb60bFD65cF10Df65253dE2bAF73
Marketing Multisig Wallet: 0xc98661B789EB40bb93FE1Dd73762c5Eb4c680858
Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) - 70% A substantial of the funds devoted to POL to support the growth of Holdstation Account Abstraction Wallet, which includes the following:
  • HOLD Liquidity Pool: Allocation of funds dedicated to maintaining robust liquidity for the HOLD token on both decentralized and centralized exchange platforms.
  • Vault Contribution: Additional funds are injected into the protocol's vault to support higher levels of Open Interest. This indicates a capacity to support more substantial trading positions on Holdstation Account Abstraction Wallet
  • hsUSDC/USDC Liquidity Pools: Placement of funds into a pool of stablecoins for users looking to exit their positions early and convert to USDC.
  • Market Making: Ensuring ample liquidity across decentralized and centralized exchanges to facilitate smooth and efficient trading.
Marketing - 30% of the budget is allocated to enhance the protocol’s market presence, with a particular emphasis on affiliate programs.
  • Expansion of Marketing Campaigns: The focus is on broadening the scope of marketing campaigns to increase the protocol's visibility in the market.
  • Affiliate Program Development: Through our affiliate programs, we aim to improve accessibility to the protocol, leveraging the networks of affiliates to introduce user-friendly platforms, informative content, and active community participation.