🎯Affiliate Reward


This is an incentive program for users to invite their friends to participate in the launchpad. If a user uses the provided link to invite their friends to join, they will receive a 2% commission on the stakes placed by the friends they invite. The commission will be paid in $ETH.


The formula to calculate the affiliate reward is as follows:

Affiliate=(TotalETHReferred)βˆ—(PercentageAffiliateReward)Affiliate = (Total ETH Referred) * ( Percentage Affiliate Reward)

Referrers will earn a percentage of the total ETH used by their referees to purchase tokens (after the allocation and refund process). The more ETH a referrer brings to the presale pool, the greater their potential reward.

User X shares the affiliate link with Users A, B, and C, who subsequently participate as follows:

  • A stakes 100 ETH

  • B stakes 60 ETH

  • C stakes 40 ETH

After the IDO is completed and users receive their refunds:

  • A receives a 60 ETH refund ---> A used 40 ETH

  • B receives a 36 ETH refund ---> B used 24 ETH

  • C receives a 24 ETH refund ---> C used 16 ETH

So the total ETH referred is A + B + C = 40 + 24 + 16 = 80 ETH

---> Therefore, X would receive Affiliate reward = 80 * 2% = 1.6 ETH

The maximum Affiliate reward for the Affiliate Program:

HardCapβˆ—PerrcentageAffiliaterewardHard Cap * Perrcentage Affiliate reward

In this case, the maximum reward is 400 * 2% = 8 ETH. This implies that all ETH staked in the IDO pool is attributed to referrals.

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