🏧DeFuture Vault

Defuture Vault is a core function in our architecture that provides various benefits to traders.

Main functions: split the trading fees and allow traders to earn great yields on them.

Additionally, Defuture Vault has the potential for future token drops, which could provide traders with even more opportunities to earn rewards.

By utilizing Defuture Vault, traders can potentially increase their profits and take advantage of the various benefits offered by this powerful tool.

Assets Volatility

Over the last 5 years, the historical volatility of the cryptocurrency market has been much higher than other asset classes, with an average of over 70%. In comparison, forex, commodities, and indices have had a yearly average volatility ranging from 12% to 20%.

Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, it is important to minimize exposure to these assets in order to reduce risk.

AssetYearly Avg. Historical Volatility





US Stock






This is why DeFuture Vaults are designed to separate assets and provide hedging strategies to minimize exposure and mitigate risk. By utilizing the vaults, traders and investors can effectively manage their portfolios and optimize their risk-reward ratio

How we apply for Holdstation Defuture

  1. First Phase: we are settling the vault in one currency - USDC. However, to minimize the risk of exposure, we have separated it into three different vaults:

Vault NameSettle CurrencyTrading Fee

Crypto Vault


Up to 0.16% per trade

Forex Vault


0.016% per trade

Commodities Vault


Range from 0.08% to 0.16% per trade

Crypto Vaults:

  • Focus on high volatility cryptocurrencies (BTC / ETH / BNB / ...)

  • Utilize hedging strategies to mitigate risks.

  • Allow investors to participate in the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Forex Vault:

  • Provide exposure to the forex market (GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD,...)

  • Offer investors a stable, low-risk investment option.

Commodities Vault:

  • Provide exposure to a range of commodities, including precious metals and energy.

  • Allow investors to diversify their portfolio with commodities.

  1. Second Phase

Holdstation is committed to providing its users with diverse and highly liquid trading options.

In order to achieve this goal, we are constantly working to expand and diversify our vaults, which will allow users to trade directly with other pairs such as ETH or BTC. This move will offer our users a more varied and exciting trading experience, while also providing greater opportunities for profit.

What is the risk factor involve?

Defuture Vault is designed to provide a safe and profitable trading environment for our users. One of the main risk factors in trading is open interest, which is the total amount of outstanding positions in a market.

  • High open interest can lead to price volatility and increased risk of liquidation.

At Holdstation, we limit the open interest in our trading vaults to minimize these risks.

Additionally, the operation team provide hedging strategies to help mitigate potential losses and maximize profits.

Our experienced traders carefully manage the risk factors and apply a range of trading strategies to ensure that Defuture Vault provides a secure and profitable trading environment for all users.

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