🧲Margin Requirement

At Holdstation DeFutures, we prioritize safety and responsibility in our trading practices.

Here's a breakdown of our margin requirements:

  • Isolated margin: By default, each position is isolated, which means that the risk is not shared across different positions. You can open any number of long and short positions for any pair simultaneously.

  • Margin per asset class: Each asset class has a specific margin requirement, which is detailed in Asset Class & Leverage section.

  • Collateral size and leverage: To calculate your position size, you'll need to select the collateral size and leverage for each trade.

  • Liquidation price: Our system automatically calculates the liquidation price, which you can adjust using our stop loss feature to further mitigate risk.

We take pride in providing a safe and secure trading environment for our users, and our margin requirements reflect our commitment to responsible trading practices.

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