Holdstation Wallet

We've crafted a Web3 Account Abstraction Wallet that blend with future trading, self-custodianship, and user privacy. With a strong belief in Decentralisation and Permissionless Protocols, we strive to bring a CeFi experience to the world of DeFi on Holdstation Ecosystem.
  • Self-Custodial: no KYC needs. Everything is decentralized.
  • Native AA: A sleek, user-friendly interface powered by the latest Account Abstraction.
  • 0% Fees on Layer 2 and 0.2% on EVM Chain: compare to Rainbow, Trust Wallets, and Metamask, we charged much minimum transaction costs and optimized the gas fees.

Why Using Holdstation Wallet?

📱 Trading at Your Fingertips: Access our user-friendly trading apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Your trades, your way!
Feeless Trading: We sponsor your gas fees if your trade reach certain volume!
💳 No ETH no problem: Pay in USDC or USDT, giving you flexibility and convenience.
🔒 Secure Simplicity: no need to remember seed phrases or private keys. Our Seedless option keeps you secure.