Holdstation Docs


Our roadmap may change as we continue to develop and grow. Be sure to stay updated by following us on our social media pages to see what we have in store next!

Q3 & 4-2022

  • 🚀 Launch Holdstation Research: Provide news, insights, market reports, and analysis to give our community a strong foundation to build their investment strategies.
  • 🚀 Launch Holdstation Wallet: A user-friendly wallet with a focus on investment return optimization strategies, designed specifically for the needs of the crypto community.

Q1 & 2 -2023

  • 🚀 Launch of Holdstation DeFuture Exchange Margin Trading on Web & Mobile
  • 🚀 3 Tier Referral Programs - Earn rewards for referring friends and family
  • 🌉 Bridge Integration - Seamless transfer of assets between different networks
  • 🔐 Web3 Authentication - Secure login and authentication using Twitter, Discord,.. direct in wallet
  • Holdstation Club - an NFT collection that for Holdstation fan with great ultility

Q3 - 2023

  • Launch Fiat - Crypto Gateway: Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease using fiat currency on Holdstation.
  • Advisory Services: Access to investment advisors who can provide guidance on making informed investment decisions.
  • Copy Trading: The ability to automatically replicate the trades of experienced traders by selecting them as a trading signal source.