Token Utility

Holdstation will introduce two types of tokens with distinct utility:
  1. 1.
    $HOLD - A governance token that enables holders to participate in the decision-making process through voting on DAO proposals, #realyield farming and multiple fees discount.
  2. 2.
    $uGOLD - An exchange token that facilitates the conversion of GOLD Reward Points to uGOLD, which can then be used to trade and transact on the platform, pay fees,...
HOLD token distribution follows a fixed supply, decaying emission model as a general principle. This means that as time passes, the token emission decreases according to a fixed schedule. This distribution model is designed to reward users who stake or hold tokens for longer periods.
uGOLD tokens are mintable and can only be minted through a redeemable process using onchain GOLD Reward Points.
Disclaimer: $GOLD tokens serve as utility tokens and act as the reward token for the Holdstation protocol. Please exercise caution when considering the purchase of these tokens. We assume no liability for any losses incurred.

$HOLD Utility

Our platform was accumulating an impressive 300,000 USDC in trading fees - an achievement that has us buzzing with excitement! Imagine the excitement as our official token $HOLD takes center stage, sharing 40% of trading fees. It's not just a makeover; it's a complete game-changer, igniting a fresh approach to maximizing gains of #realyield.
HOLD Utilities
#RealYield via Trading Fees
40% to vault stakers in USDC,
40% to $HOLD-ers,
Remaining 20% to the project treasury
Gas Fee Payment and Discounted Trading Fees
Users can enjoy a remarkable 30% fee discount when choosing to pay gas fees with $HOLD
Buy Back & Burn
Portion of our trading fees & funds will be allocated to the quarterly Buy Back and Burn Program
Delegate Voting
Use HOLD to delegate voting rights & Incentive rewards from the ecosystem will be split among $HOLD-ers.
Launchpad Exclusive
2% of tokens for $HOLD stakers in upcoming launchpad projects

$uGOLD Utility

Pay Discount Fees
uGOLD token can be used to pay for transaction fees with a discounted rate
Convert from GOLD Reward Point
uGOLD tokens can be exchanged from GOLD Reward Point in the Holdstation ecosystem
Exchange to $HOLD Tokens
uGOLD tokens can be exchanged to $HOLD tokens, the governance token of Holdstation
Exchange to Stablecoins
uGOLD tokens can be exchanged to stablecoins
Please note that the following list of utilities might change in the future, as we are continuously exploring ways to enhance the best usability of uGOLD token. Use it as a reference for now, and stay tuned for updates

How to Earn $HOLD / $uGOLD?

There are multiple ways, highlight a few here:
  • Become a Vault Staker and start earning passive income! Visit Vault Credit
  • Become a Trader / User and take advantage of all the features and benefits Holdstation has to offer. Visit Loyalty Programs
  • Become an affiliate agency and earn even more rewards. Learn more in Referral Program and become a part of the Holdstation, and start earning big today!