Join HoldStation today and experience the future of trading with our cutting-edge technology, including support for zkSync, the next-generation layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum!

🚀 Welcome Aboard Holdstation!
Step into the future of trading with Holdstation, a journey that began in April 2022 and has thrived for over 1.5 years. Our mission aligns with the visionary insights Vitalik shared two years ago, focusing on the pillars of L2, Account Abstraction, and Privacy.
Holdstation DeFuture Wallet is a smart contract wallet for future trading. We've harnessed the cutting-edge prowess of ERC-4337 and MPC technology, empowering you to engage in a diverse array of trades – from cryptocurrencies to forex and commodities. And here's the beast – leverage up to a 500x!
We have Apps available on Appstore & Android apps, and also trading web version.