Token Overview

$HOLD is the platform's utility and governance token, holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits.

Holdstation's token reward program is divided into two phases to incentivize different groups of users

Join our Early Adopter Program and maximize your benefits! The rewards will be distributed in the early phase, so don't miss out on the opportunity to gain the most from our program by joining us early.
  • Reward target: early contributors, early vault stakers, traders, affiliates agencies, GOLD earners
  • The earlier you use Holdstation, the better chance you have to earn HST Credit (which can be exchanged for $HOLD Token in the future)
By becoming a long-term member, you'll have ongoing opportunities to earn rewards with every on-chain activity with us
  • Reward target: active users, active traders, long-term validators (bots), affiliates
  • Rebase will direct rewards in both stablecoin and token form

More details about the tokenomics will reveal when times come!