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Investing Idea Marketplace

SocialFi is an effective passive investment method, suitable for part-time investors.
The Blockchain/Cryptocurrency market is exponential growth compared to the traditional market. Hundreds of opportunities are created every second. The concept of SocialFi is becoming more and more popular, a great combination of Social and DeFi (society & decentralized finance). SocialFi Investing is the next-generation investment solution that Holdstation develops for the community.
The investing idea marketplace, as known as an advisory service in the traditional market, is a unique platform only that connects professional advisors/traders to normal users.
Holdstation will identify the risk level of users, and the investing style then recommend the advisor with the same risk & style. The user can make his own decision to follow them.
Risk level (1):
  • Conservative: tend to invest in the blue-chips token, safe yield farming, high stablecoin ratio in the portfolio, not willing to invest in the high-risk token (meme/NFT)
  • Balanced: a balanced investment strategy is one that seeks a balance between capital preservation and growth, most of the portfolio is at low risk (stablecoin & bluechip), but the user is still willing to dedicate a small portion of the portfolio in high risk - high return investment.
  • Aggressive: willing to take higher risk, which also brings higher return. The users tend to invest in new trends/ideas in crypto.
Investment Style (2):
  • Scalping: suitable for traders, where the advisor & investor tend to follow a technical indicator to in and out of the market for a quick gain.
  • Short-term investing: suitable for both traders & investors - able to follow the market, and apply both technical and fundamental for their investment decisions. These traders & advisors can invest in yield-farming / NFT / token.
  • Long-term investing: suitable for investors - follow the fundamental & long-term trend for exposure growth. These investors will analyze in depth the project, carefully make a decision, and follow Dollar Cost Average (DCA) strategy. These investors will invest in yield farming/token / NFT.
Holdstation will govern & audit the professional advisors. To be live on the Holdstation platform & charge fees on their service, the advisors need to comply with our internal procedures:
  • KYC with Holdstation
  • Proven track record - monitored and supervised by Holdstation Operation Team
  • 1-3 month test on the platform
  • Trading & Investing Certification
After passing these services, they can charge fees on the investing idea they provide. Likely it will be a weekly/fortnightly/monthly subscription.