Holdstation Launchpad

Your Gateway to Build zkSync Journey
Holdstation Launchpad stands as a cornerstone in the zkSync ecosystem, providing crucial support for promising projects' token sales. Our platform is a one-stop shop for projects, investors, and our dedicated community, collectively propelling zkSync's success!
Holdstation Launchpad provides a fair mechanism for everyone to participate in token sales without complex conditions. Users all have an equal opportunity to join token purchases regardless of the size of their investment.

Fair Launch Model

Holdstation aims for fairness, providing equal opportunities for all users to participate in token purchases without worrying about factors such as bots or competing with large buy orders.
To ensure fairness, our fair launch model adheres to principles that include Softcap and Hardcap.
  • Softcap represents the minimum fundraising amount that the project aims to achieve. If the fundraising does not reach the soft cap level, all users will receive a refund of the amount they used to participate.
  • Hardcap is the maximum fundraising amount that the project aspires to achieve. Once the hard cap is reached, tokens will be allocated to users at the end of the token sale.
If the amount raised exceeds the hard cap, participants will receive tokens based on their contribution percentage in the pool. Any excess funds will be claimed at the end of the token sale.
Holdstation Launchpad has several unique features

The unique features of Holdstation Launchpad

  • Non-Custodial: Users have complete control over their assets throughout the entire token sale participation process.
  • UI/UX: User-friendly interface and experience make the platform extremely easy to use, especially for newcomers.
  • Smart Contract Based: All participation activities are automated by smart contracts, eliminating any intermediaries.
  • Decentralized: Projects launching token sales set their fundraising parameters, and the community can participate freely without restrictions.
  • Secure: Users can participate using all supported wallets, including Wallet Connect.
  • Anti-Scam: Projects participating in the Launchpad undergo thorough checks by Holdstation for honesty and audit requirements.
  • Audited: Holdstation Launchpad has been audited by Verichain.